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(Col. 3/5-11 ; Gal. 6/15 ; 2 Cor. 5/17)

By giving your life to Jesus-Christ ; you have joyfully accepted that your “Self” be crucified with Him . You are now dead . This new spiritual identity must be reflected in all aspects of your life.Mortify the deeds of your flesh ; as one seated in heavenly places. Don’t be carried away by your imaginations.

Most of the times ; we mistake our imaginations for the reality of our heart ; and our good theoretical intentions for practical achievements .

Quesnel, a Christian author, affirms that there are three(3)roots to sin, three ugly heads of our old man, namely:Impurity, which makes him a beast;Pride or ambition, which makes him a demon;Stinginess, which makes him an idolater. Being a child of rebellion means having rebellion and disobedience as your mother, and Satan as your father ; he who opposes God”, “the adversary”.Thus the wrath of God brought your salvation: you are no longer who you were; Be careful not to go back to who you were. Be careful of “petty”sins, those that come from the heart or the lips (Ephesians 4: 21-25)

A Polynesian in his prayer said: “Let not our godliness be like our Sunday clothes, which we leave in the cupboard from Monday to Saturday, but as a tattoo.”The tattoo never fades, it is engraved in the skin and is visible to all. That’s the Christian’s uniform. It differs from that of the soldier:Inasmuch as it does not serve to cover for our wrong-doings, nor our mistakes. It is a uniform that makes us soldiers belligerents, all enrolled in the same army, all equal, all brother-in-arms.Uniform that is at the same time internal and external, which clothe us with our celestial brilliance,  our thoughts as our words, our feelings as our actions, our mentality as our conduct.This uniform is Christ Himself. So this is what a Christian is – a creature in whom Jesus Christ is all “. Are you a new creature?

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