CBN South Africa, in response to the terrorist attacks in Northern Mozambique in April 2021, was on the ground in Monte Puez to offer aid to some of the thousands of Internally Displaced People. They had fled their homes, and livelihoods, with nothing but the clothes on their back. After days, and sometimes weeks, with no food, we offered them some short-term supplies. We also gave them some of the resources needed to build waterproof shelters and to start a vegetable garden. We offered some relief to a few hundred families, but for thousands of families in Mozambique, the struggle is far from over.  If you would like to play a part in supporting further relief efforts, click here.

CBN Southern Africa Mission and Mandate

The vision of CBN SA is to make known the name of Jesus by showing God’s love and to make disciples who show His love in their communities all over Southern Africa. We are therefore committed to the strategic use of digital media, humanitarian projects and relief, community programmes, and ministry support with the mission to maximize the use of our God-given resources; and to do the work with integrity, excellence, innovation, and Biblical leadership by the power of the Holy Spirit “…until the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…” (Habakkuk 2:14).

Integrity I Excellence I Innovation I Biblical Leadership

CBN SA Values

We have regional offices across Southern Africa and serve 10 nations through our five key pillars, including Superbook, Ministry Support, Operation Blessing, Orphan’s Promise and Media & Communications. In addition to the excellent broadcast content featured on hundreds of media platforms, CBN SA’s rural video outreaches and innovative digital media strategies bring hope and life to millions of people across this beautiful continent.

Our extensive humanitarian work includes disaster relief, micro-business initiatives, life-changing surgeries, and sustainable food programmes. Orphan’s Promise provides practical care and education to thousands of vulnerable children while Superbook presents the Gospel in an exciting and impactful way that speaks to the heart and instils important values to impact young lives.

Furthermore, CBN SA’s Prayer Centre provides prayer and spiritual support to the public through email, text messaging, calls, social media, and live web chats. Daily, we are praying for those in need and providing wholesome devotional content to enrich lives.

CBN SA operates under the banner of international ministry, The Christian Broadcasting Network, and together, our teams proclaim the Good News in 149 countries and territories, with programmes and content in 67 languages.

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CBN South Africa is all about content creation, community projects and kingdom partnerships across Southern Africa.  Just call, email or message us to find out more about any of the activities below.

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