Superbook is an amazing animation series that allows you to provide children with an exciting, media rich and immersive experience of the Bible that profoundly impacts their character and spiritual development.

Experience the Bible like never before!

We believe that strong spiritual formation in children is critical as it influences how they think, what they value and how they act. Superbook encourages the Bible to become part of their everyday life, a go-to reference and guide they can use to navigate our ever-changing world.

The Superbook App and Website have been designed to make this possible in a really exciting and innovative way.

Changing the lives of children and families

We see Superbook as a powerful agent of moral regeneration, as it has a profound impact on the character and moral compass of our nation’s children. Our programmes and content also support parents in the irreplaceable role that they play in this.

What Superbook is doing in your region:

Superbook experiences in communities:

We arrange public screenings and events in communities, always in strong partnership with local community organisations and churches.

Equipping churches and caregivers:

We believe it takes a village to raise a child. We work alongside churches and primary caregivers by equipping them with resources such as our online Sunday School Curriculum.

Become a Superbook Champion!

There are a few ways to become a Superbook Champion:


Would you consider making a monthly or once-off donation towards the work of Superbook? Please contact us to find out which life-changing Superbook Projects you can empower and sustain.

Tell your church

We have developed a range of special resources for churches and Sunday Schools.

Host an event

Superbook is an amazing outreach tool and we’d love to support you in hosting an event in your church or community. Call us now to find out how we can work together!

Free Family Superbook Resources: