CBN SA Visits Vulnerable Children in Zambia


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Ian Walton, Regional Director of CBN South Africa, paid a visit to Zambia early this year with a purpose in mind, but like the Psalmist said Proverbs 19:21, “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”

According to him, his plan was simply to be in Lusaka to meet with broadcasters; the aim was to get them to agree to a contract for CBN programs to air on various stations in the region. He also planned to meet with Pastor Salim and some of CBN’s team members and volunteers in the region.

The trip to Lusaka was very successful, with the help of Martha, one of our wonderful volunteers there. She had arranged for Ian to meet with 7 different broadcasters within the space of a day and a half! Those meetings are still bearing fruit, including a recently signed Superbook contract with the State Broadcaster (ZNBC); that means that hundreds of thousands of children will be hearing God’s word in the unique, powerful Superbook way!

TD Jakes Sign
We visited the children at the T.D. Jakes Transformation Centre, in Kitwe.

Now, here’s the interesting part. During the second part of the trip, Ian visited the T.D. Jakes Transformation Centre in Kitwe, in the Northern part of Zambia on the Copperbelt; this is the ministry to orphans and vulnerable children that Pastor Salim manages along with a small team of volunteers. The operational costs of the centre are funded by Orphan’s Promise and CBN Humanitarian. In his words:

“As Salim and I drove up to the large metal gates, all I could hear was cheering children. I didn’t know what they were cheering about until I realised it was just them welcoming me. In the best way they know. An unforgettable moment for me. 

Broadcasters in Zambia

None of the children registered at the centre (nearly 300 of them) lives there. It is a place where they can just come and spend time every afternoon after school. Their state school fees are, for the most part, paid by Orphan’s Promise. Even though it’s not a lot of money it is more than any of them or their families has, if they even have families. The centre exists for the spiritual nourishment and physical nourishment of the children, for education and for creating community. Superbook screenings are also hosted at this venue. And it was a humbling privilege to be part of that for two days.

On my last evening, a Superbook screening was planned. Beforehand I went to the Kitwe Pick n Pay to see if I could get a little treat for the children. I found a whole rack of fresh-baked doughnuts. Myself and the surprised baker counted them together – there were 256. I decided to take them all and at the same time managed to get an amazing discount from the kind manager. This worked out to CBN paying little over R3.50 per doughnut.

Doughnuts, Humanitarian

After showing the second episode from the first season of Superbook – The Test, and sharing a word of encouragement (passionately interpreted by Salim), we were able to hand doughnuts to every grinning child and had enough left over to give to all the volunteers too!”

Zambia mission
Our God is incredible!

Ian’s experience with the children got me thinking about just how incredible God is. None of those kids imagined that they’d have a tasty treat that night. But God is his infinite wisdom had each and every one of them in mind. And that’s it is in our own lives you know? God doesn’t give us only what we ask for, He also has some amazing plans to bless us with so much more than our minds can dare to dream!

Thank you, our generous CBN Partners for making it possible for us to reach these precious ones with the most incredible gift – the love of God. We can give because you give.

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