Leah Akai – A Transformational Story

Leah is a single mother of two and a guardian to two other children.

After finishing her primary education, Leah could not proceed with her secondary school education due to financial constrains in her family. She struggled to provide for her children by doing casual jobs in Lodwar town and begging from well-wishers.

We came across Leah through home visits by the social workers and her story was so touching that we recruited her children into the school program. We also learned that she had been trained on sewing but could not put her skills to work due to lack of a machine.

MOHI came in and bought her a sewing machine and as a way of supporting her to establish a more sustainable mode of subsistence. She was also given a job as a cleaner in the school.

Leah’s hope for a bright future was rekindled and she can now provide for her family without relying on any relief.

She does her sewing business at her home after work and over the weekends. To date, Leah is able to take care of her family and even other members of the community with the earning from her tailoring work. She has since remained an inspiration to other members of the community who lost hope of being responsible breadwinners in their families.

She remains a benchmark and case study even to the organisation and the wider community when it comes to inspiration.

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