The Boy Who Saw Jesus


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Deji walked up to his pastor one Sunday afternoon, the huge grin on his face said he had something new to say other than the usual, which Pastor James constantly looked forward to. He was a very good kid, who always had some challenging question for his pastor after service. However, today was a little different. He didn’t look confused or downcast as usual. He looked excited, really excited.

“Good afternoon sir. I have something very important to tell you.” He said anxiously. Now Pastor James was curious.
“Go on son. I’m listening.”

They both sat at the altar as Deji started.
“Sir, I saw Jesus last night.”
Pastor James, nearly exploding in laughter, literally had to hold himself back.
“Really? That’s great!” he said sarcastically.
“I thought so too Pastor, we had a really nice time together,” replied Deji.

The look on his face said the boy wasn’t joking, but Pastor didn’t know what to think. He honestly didn’t believe the boy but he needed to have a good come back so as not to discourage him. After thinking for a few seconds, he said,

“Alright son, the next time you see Him, ask him what sin I committed 5 years ago.”

Deji couldn’t believe his ears; his pastor didn’t think he was crazy! He hugged Pastor James gratefully and immediately ran off as he screamed.
“See you next Sunday Pastor. THAAANNKKK YOOOU!” He was so ready to prove his claim.

After church the next Sunday, Pastor James sighted Deji sitting in the last row of the pews. He looked rather disappointed and puzzled. Pastor James didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, so he quietly walked up to Him.
“Hello son,” he said softly. “You don’t look so good. Are you alright?”
The boy shrugged and said nothing. Pastor James decided to probe further.
“Did you see Jesus again?”
The boy’s eyes immediately lit up, but he still looked so sad.
“Yes, I did.” He said.
The pastor wasn’t expecting that answer, so he blurted out three questions consecutively.
“So why are you sad? Did you ask him? What did he say?” he asked anxiously.
“He didn’t say anything, sir. He said he can’t remember” Deji replied.

Pastor James jumped up out of his chair. “You really saw Jesus!” he exclaimed. “You saw Him.”
Deji was startled, wondering how his pastor could have deduced that from what he just said.
“Sir?” he said looking very confused, but he was now smiling.

“Jesus would never remember what I did 5 years ago. ‘For I will be merciful regarding their wrong deeds, and I will never again remember their sins.’ That’s what the Bible says in Hebrews 8:12. I believe you son.” Pastor James said excitedly.

God has dumped all memories of your sin in the sea of forgetfulness. Stop carrying that burden of guilt everywhere you go. Drop it at the foot of His cross and walk away completely FREE.


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