Superbook Event at MOHI Napuu School in Turkana County, Kenya


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Mission of Hope International Napuu School is situated in Turkana County in northern Kenya, about 700km from the capital city, Nairobi.

Turkana is the second largest county in Kenya covering 68,680 square kilometres. The Turkana are nomadic pastoralists who mainly keep cattle, donkeys, camels and goats. The animals are their main source of food and wealth. They are the second largest pastoral community in Kenya after the Maasai people. Close to 95% of the people living in Turkana County adhere to traditional beliefs while 5-10% of the residents are Christians. Most children look after sheep and goats, although some families take their children to schools. The main income generating activity is basket weaving especially among women in Lodwar and other urban centres.


The Superbook event was held on 13th and 14th of February 2018. On the first day, we started by greeting all the children at the assembly area and they got to meet gizmo who was warmly welcomed with laughs and giggles.

We later split the children into ages and started our sessions with the youngest group and finished with the oldest. We had 1,100 pupils in attendance. Each session had a maximum of 120-140 pupils. They watched the story of ‘Noah and the Ark’ and Moses in ‘Let my people go’. In Noah and the Ark we emphasized on the love of God for Humankind, the way he promised his love to us after the floods by sending us the rainbow. In Let my people go, we taught the children how our God is great, how faithful, loving and mighty He is and He always keeps His word. He took Egypt through 10 plagues to prove how big He is. The showstopper for the show was how Moses used his rod to separate the red sea, it really made the children light up their eyes seeing the Israelites cross the red sea and the Egyptian soldiers perish in the water as they tried to follow them deep in the sea. The event was very successful and 184 children gave their souls to Christ. It was really tremendous to witness God moving in the midst of his children.

Every child in attendance was given a bottle of juice and some biscuits, after every session. They also got to take home 4 different exercises that related to the Superbook teachings that they had watched.


The MOHI School thanked each and every one of us for allowing God to use us to minister to the children. The children couldn’t hide their joy after the Superbook movie session. Their joy gave us the zeal to keep going until every child watched the Superbook stories. The school organization was very grateful for this expression of the love of GOD through CBN.

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John Njoroge