It Takes a Village

Written by Yolanda Magida, CBN South Africa’s Superbook Manager

On the 12th of January 2020, my two daughters (now 1 and 3 years) had their baby blessing ceremony. This was a significant moment for me as this was something I had been wanting to do for a long time. I know in some Christian circles baby dedications/ blessings are not mandatory or a big deal. But for me it was because I know that it takes a village to raise a child. It’s my desire for my children to know that they are a part of this big, amazing village with a rich heritage in Christ.

Community shapes and forms who we are. We become who we associate with, as one my colleague wisely puts it.  Like all good mothers I want my children to be raised within a church community where their spiritual growth and development will be nurtured and prioritised.  No parent should ever do this alone. The task is too big and too important!

My pastor asked me why I felt the need to do a baby dedication for my daughters. My answer was simple and as follows:

I want my children to be fully planted in a community where their identity in Christ would be solidified and their spiritual gifts be nurtured and sharpened for the edification of the church body as originally planned by God.

God is for Community!

I have come to know God’s love, grace and compassion through a community of believers in as much as I have been disappointed and hurt by them.  Despite all of this, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it was not for the special people that God brought into my life for my growth and my development.

I have also come to learn and know that a community becomes what you make at of it.  Hence, I want my children to see themselves as contributors and participators in the building of the church community. I feel blessed that I get walk the talk (building the community 😊 ) through the work that I do with Superbook.

Reflecting on Superbook

We as a team are passionate about serving the church community as a whole, through training and empowering children’s ministry leaders in advocating for the prioritisation of children’s spiritual development. This year was successful despite barriers. We hosted two successful webinars that we conducted in partnership with New Gate Ministry, an organisation based in Swaziland that focuses on equipping churches with administration.  We are launching #SuperbookPlay in a couple of months, an arts and crafts programme targeted at parents of toddlers who want to share the gospel in a fun and interactive way. We have been working hard on building community through social media since Covid-19 and we’ve been delighted to see how God’s working online. Superbook Clubs will be re-opening soon with the lockdown ease.

Raising the next Kingdom generation is indeed going to take a village. This village is going to take all shapes, forms and sizes with the intention of glorifying God.  We are so glad that you are part of that village!

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