Think About Your Thinking

Written by Taytum Allwood

I woke up this morning with the thought “think about your thinking” in my mind. Since then, I have caught myself multiple times, within the first hour, having a “negative” thought of some kind. Often, it’s something really simple like “why am I always the person that has to change the toilet roll.”  As the thought came into my mind I smiled at how silly and small the complaint was and out loud said “thank You LORD for toilet paper!”  

I’ve realised that thankfulness is the key to living in joy. This morning I’ve realised there is a third key to joy that comes before thankfulness. That key is to change our thinking! Thankfulness feels forced and joy unattainable if our thoughts are negative. By changing our thoughts we become more open to thankfulness and out of our genuine gratitude, joy overflows.  

Inclined towards Negativity 

We are bent towards negativity in our human nature almost from birth. We cry when we want food as newborns, we throw tantrums as toddlers. It might not always be so obvious in adulthood but in our thought life, if we really examine our thoughts, are a collection of childish tantrums bubbling under the surface.  

Saved by Grace 

In the same way, by nature we are bent toward sin. Jesus knew this was the primary issue that separated us from the Father. He gave His life to remove our biggest barrier so that we could experience the freedom from sin that we so desperately needed, healing from the sickness that was casting its dark shadow on our souls, pouring out grace upon grace so that we might be called “holy as He is holy.”  

This is a supernatural work that we can take no credit for. In the same way, to change our thinking, we need to look at scripture which offers us so much encouragement in our areas of weakness and the tension of living with our human nature, yet being born again into a supernatural nature.   

Pray for Renewal of the Mind! 

In our weakness, He is strong. His power is made perfect in our weakness. Lets ask God to strengthen us where we are weak in our thinking. As we become aware of our “complaining” let’s ask God to renew our minds. I believe we will be blown away by the fruit of thankfulness and joy we will begin to see in our lives! 


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