Carrying Diversity In Our Hearts


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“Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” – Ephesians 4:3

Diversity versus uniformity

The antonym for the word ‘diversity’ is ‘uniformity.’ Where there is uniformity, there is usually order and control. However, when it comes to the term diversity it has the ability to unsettle us at some points. The word literally means ‘a range of different things.’ When we speak about diversity in terms of different people, what we are really saying is that not one is exactly like the next one and that is alright. Diversity is something we need to be celebrating within our incredibly vibrant and uniquely diverse culture.

A culture of honouring others

The Lord Jesus knew we would be diverse, He created us ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ different, for a purpose (Psalm 139). We are each gloriously beautiful in our own special way.  As we begin to discover the beauty of diversity, the celebration of our differences we start to acknowledge the authentic beauty in others, instead of any flaws. It is really unity within our inherent diversity that brings through a powerful, colourful culture of honour.

This week, and in fact for the month of August, we would love to honour women as one of the many different facets of diversity we encounter in South Africa today. We encourage you to celebrate diversity with us, in all its shapes and forms. Take a look at this advert here, and see how beautifully it challenges and encapsulates how women can sometimes view themselves, versus what they truly look like and carry.

How can you acknowledge and appreciate the beauty in others? We are set apart, as Christians, to live in unity and to pursue peace in our diverse ways of being. It may be tempting to separate yourself from another person based on your differences. But it is totally possible for respect and honouring others to be our love language. Within your sphere of influence, start to ask God for His love towards those who are different to you.



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Kate Rothon