Purpose-filled Mindfulness

We are all called to fulfil a specific role in God’s Kingdom. We were created with purpose, with intention, with God’s very breathe inside our lungs.

I remember as kids, we’d ask each other if our parents had us by accident. We’d want to know if our parents really wanted us, or if it had happened accidentally. With God, there are no accidents. Psalm 139 paints a beautiful picture of Him forming us in our mother’s wombs. That is no accident. Perhaps our parents had not planned us, but God certainly had.

This is something I try to remind myself of often. Some of you may have watched my episode in the This is Me (check it out on our YouTube channel if you haven’t) series where I share bit about my journey with chronic illness and finding God in it. It has been in this journey that I have learnt to a great extent that God certainly does not make mistakes, we have a purpose in every situation we find ourselves in, and mindfulness is key.

Discovering my purpose

I see our purpose-filled life as a series of purposes. Sometimes small purposes lead to others. Other times, we have a specific purpose in a specific moment, and then we move on. Many times, we need to work collectively with others to fulfil a purpose. And sometimes, but not as often, God shows us the bigger picture and we take steps to fulfill His plans.

This year, as my chronic illness reached new heights and begun to interfere with my daily life and activities, I had to reassess how I viewed my purpose and God in it. I didn’t understand why God wouldn’t just heal me and let me continue with my life, adding a miraculous healing to my testimony. In my mind, my illness was hindering my ability to pursue my purpose – the known and unknown purposes I know God has set out for me.

But God doesn’t work the way we expect Him to. Our broken idea of ‘good’ and His are vastly different. And thank goodness for that!

Finding purpose in each moment

Importantly, in this process with God, I learnt to be present in each moment. We get so caught up in planning and thinking ahead that we forget to live in the moment, to enjoy the blessings God has right in front of our eyes. My chronic illness has not only taught me to lean into God in the suffering, but that He, and we, can have purpose in the suffering. It’s taught me to seek out the goodness in each moment, despite any suffering. It’s taken my focus from worrying about the future, to enjoying the moment and trusting Him. He is good through it all.

Being mindful isn’t just a fad to follow or a meditation technique, it’s essential to our relationship with God and those around us. Especially in our busy world. Wherever you find yourself right now, take a moment to breathe. Breathe in His presence, His peace. Take in your surroundings. And as you plan your day, ask yourself: “What purpose is God achieving in and through my life today?” Is it situation specific or is He preparing you for another, bigger purpose? Whatever it is, trust Him in the process and live in the moment (Matthew 6:27). 

As we look at the world around us. At the chaos, the brokenness, the hurt… let’s remember that God makes no mistakes. Humans do. And God works in us and through us for His glory and for the benefit of others. And you have a key role to play in restoring His peace in our beautiful, broken world.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

(John 16:33)


Robyn Hattingh

Robyn is the Communications Manager at CBN South Africa in Cape Town. She has a passion for literature, sharing the truth, creation (the more mountains, the better) and relationships. Her novice tech skills have given her the drive to use digital media as a means to share knowledge about Jesus and His love for each of us!