He Gave Her Beauty For Ashes!

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me (Jesus), because the Lord has anointed Me… to console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning…” 

(Isaiah 61:1,3)

This is the story of Thato Lebelo.  She is 22 years old and was born in Limpopo. She was raised by a single father.  Her mother was tragically killed when she was only 3 years old, as a result she was raised by a single father with help from her grandmother and great aunt.   

Her father was often away for work and did not make the best life choices, he was not always the best person to care for Thato.  Fortunately, he has matured a lot in the past few years and Thato has a very good relationship with him now.  Thato has a younger brother that her father had with his current girlfriend.  Her father has suffered with serious illness over the last 12 years. Currently, the little that Thato earns at her job, she must send home to support him and her younger stepbrother.

A New Hope   

Thato was brought to our Orphan’s Promise supported partner, Dayspring, when she was in Grade 3.  She was always a quiet, serious and studious child.  She worked hard at school and performed well.  We assisted her with a place to stay and raised funds for her to attend a Private Christian boarding school for grades 10-12.  She did very well and often received certificates of merit for her studies. While away at high school, she would come ‘home’ to Dayspring on the weekends.   

Thato has always had a desire to know Jesus and to live for Him.  She had to grow up quickly at a young age and learn to trust Jesus to make a way for the provision she and her family needed as well as her dreams for the future.   She has been an amazing witness of God’s love, goodness and faithfulness to many of our children living at Dayspring, and to her family. 

A Chance at University!

Thato did well on her Grade 12 matriculation exams and qualified to attend university.  She chose to attend the Vaal University of Technology and majored in Human Resources.  She was the first in her extended family to graduate from high school and go to university.  She finished her Bachelors of Technology in Human Resources last year and hopes to study further to get her teaching qualification.  With COVID, much of the university courses have gone online so last year she also worked in a local high school where her university is located.  She assisted with administration and COVID related protocol issues.   

Thato deeply desires to work for our school at Dayspring this year while doing her online post graduate teaching certificate.  We are waiting on the different universities to work out some issues and get back to her.  She has truly grown into a beautiful, loving, caring and kind young woman of God.  We feel so privileged to be a part of her journey with God and life.  We are hoping it will work out for her to be with us for the year.  In the meantime, she has been staying with us while matters get sorted out. She is so grateful to have grown up at Dayspring.   

She said, “Dayspring has truly been more of a home to me than anywhere else. I spent most of my childhood years staying on the property.  I feel loved like a daughter.  I also want to thank Orphan’s Promise for the support you gave me while at Dayspring.  My father has rarely been able to support my studies so Orphan’s Promise was a real answer to prayer.” 

Thank YOU, CBN partners, for making partnering with schools like Dayspring possible. Thato is one of many who gratefully receive your support.  


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