President Chakwera – Pastoring a Nation

In July this year Lazarus Chakwera became Malawi’s 6th President after an amazing turnaround campaign ‘resurrection’ in which the Constitutional Courts overturned the 2019 election results.  Born in a tiny village to a poor rural family, he was the Pastor of an AOG church in Lilongwe before sensing God’s call to enter politics just 6 years ago, culminating in his campaigning for Presidency.  His amazing, unexpected success in this is also a victory for democracy and for free and fair elections.  Having had the privilege to talk candidly with him on a Zoom call a few weeks ago, I now also believe that his appointment to the highest office of Malawi also provides Africa with the rare opportunity to showcase and experience genuine servant leadership.   For President Chakwera, as an experienced pastor and family man, serving people and Godly governance go together hand in hand.

In his election campaign last year he spoke of doing all he could to build

…a government that serves, not a government that rules; a government that inspires, not a government that infuriates; a government that listens, not a government that shouts; a government that fights for you, not against you.”

How foreign this kind of leadership language is to most of the world right now!

At this early stage of his term, he has impressive support and goodwill amongst his people in the warm heart of Africa (just look at the comments about the interview on our CBN Malawi Facebook page).  But even as this inevitably wains after the honeymoon period is over, his leadership mandate runs far deeper than the positive sentiment of his people.  Like he said in the interview, “One man with God is a majority”.  Far more striking and important than his popularity is the humble yet resolute conviction he carries – the confidence and authority of a man responding in obedience and faith to the call of His Father God.

Watch our full conversation with him below to get a sense of the man that is President Chakwera, as well as to get an idea of how he plans to honour the God-given calling he has bravely, yet humbly stepped up to fulfil.

Topics touched on include:

  • Godly governance
  • Facing the Covid19 giant
  • Staying faithful to the Lord’s calling
  • Corruption in Africa
  • Pastoring a Nation vs Pastoring a Church

At CBN South Africa we firmly believe God gave us this interview opportunity so that President Chakwera’s bold, practical faith and Godly wisdom can be shared and celebrated – in a world where strong servant leadership from political leaders is so desperately hard to find.  Please join us in praying for him as he seeks to honour the Lord in this position – that he remains true to his calling to be an instrument of blessing and righteousness to the wonderful people of Malawi and beyond.


Ian Walton

Ian serves as the Regional Director for CBN Southern and East Africa. He loves building teams, telling stories and working in authentic Kingdom partnerships. He and his wife Shélagh are both media professionals and teachers by training. They live near the sea in Cape Town with their daughter, their twin sons and a strange little brown poodle called Eddy.