Project: Uganda Wells


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Name of Project: Encounter Church Wells
Location: Northern Uganda
Date of Project: March 2019
In partner with: Encounter Church

Overview of the Project:

A few years ago, a church plant movement was started in the northern region of Uganda by one of the laypersons from Encounter Church. This movement has grown into a network of healthy, thriving churches where people are coming to faith on a regular basis and the love of God is experienced first-hand. The area in which most of these churches are found, however, are very dry and water scarce. The local people live a subsistence lifestyle, through farming and cattle herding, and they rely on annual rainfall to grow their crops. This makes life very challenging. There were once wells which were dug by their government, but many have dried up or have broken. CBN was approached to do three wells in three of the different church communities in partnership with Encounter Church.

How it started and how it helps:

We were contacted by one of the members from Encounter Church when they heard that CBN does clean water projects.

Who does it help:

The water well helps the local churches, but the local villagers are also free to use the well as and when they need.

7 500 to 10 000 people will benefit from these three wells!

Final Outcome:

The wells are being used successfully, all three of the villages have set up a gardens which is irrigated by the wells, and are growing very successfully.


We thank God and the donor CBN for their generosity in providing the borehole water for the village, and we pray that it will never run dry and be a place of blessing and peace.

John Lowass

We thank God that He has remembered this village, even though very few people in the world know it is here.  God has provided us with water here, and we are really very grateful.  We look forward to a solar system and more development in future

Moses Oyoo

It is wonderful to visit my brothers and sisters here, and to see the blessing that Jesus has released to this village of Lowakuj.  We also received one in Loyoro village last year, and now the blessing is spreading all over northern Uganda.

David Atwar


Nicholas Barker

Nicholas is the Humanitarian Manager at CBN South Africa in Cape Town. In addition to CBN’s on the air and online content, Nicholas oversees a part of the “hands and feet” expression of the ministry which encompasses Water Wells, Disaster Relief, Life Changing Surgeries, and various other humanitarian projects which take many forms and shapes but each ultimately seeks to demonstrate the love and good news of Jesus.