Hope in God’s Goodness


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Last night I was reminded of how simple a relationship with God can be. I was reminded that sometimes I (and we) focus on how undeserving of God’s goodness we are. We focus on how bad we are in contrast to God’s goodness. 

Rather than focussing on His goodness, we focus on our badness. 

God wants to delight in us, and for our own good, we should delight in Him. It’s definitely essential that we understand the weight and beauty of the crucifixion and just how glorious, and righteous, God is. We need to understand that we’re sinners, unworthy of the cross.

But, regardless of that, Jesus still died for us. God deemed us to be of enough value to Him that He gave us a chance to truly experience relationship with Him. And he wants to delight in us. How crazy is that? He knows we sin on a daily basis. He knows we give into temptation. He knows we put other things and people before Him. Yet He still chose the cross. He still chose to save us from His wrath so that we may delight in Him, and Him in us. 

That doesn’t give us permission to do whatever we want because grace has saved us. The more you understand how life-changing the cross is, the more you want to do what you can to glorify God. 

It does, however, mean that we can keep it simple. That we can focus on God’s goodness. That we can focus on delighting in Him, so that He may delight in us. 

My hope is that any shame, any inner turmoil, any doubt, any confusion, and any remorse, may be broken. That you’ll be set free from those thoughts that you may truly experience God’s goodness in your relationship with Him. That your past, present and future sins won’t cause you to shy away from our Father, but that it will push you towards Him so that you may truly delight in Him. 

May 2020 be your year of being set free of shame and walking in delight with God and His abundant goodness! 


Robyn Hattingh

Robyn is the Communications Manager at CBN South Africa in Cape Town. She has a passion for literature, sharing the truth, creation (the more mountains, the better) and relationships. Her novice tech skills have given her the drive to use digital media as a means to share knowledge about Jesus and His love for each of us!