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You stand before a mirror every day, don’t you? When you look in, what do you see?

Do you see an amazing person or a disappointment? Flaws or strengths? Brokenness or wholeness?

Many times, we are tempted to judge ourselves by the same measures society judge us by. We see ourselves through the same lenses that others see us through.

I remember one day my sister was in the kitchen. Her son, about 3 years old at the time, was with her. He was playing with the covers of some disposable plates. She stood there busy as a bee, completely ignoring him. He just stayed there with his imagination, saying all sorts of things. Next thing, he screamed:


“The light is red”, he continued.

His mother, who had been keen on teaching him his colours at the time felt the need to reply.

“It’s white, Champ. White. Not red”, she replied without even turning back to look at him.

“No, mummy. It’s red…” He replied sharply.

My sister, wondering at her son’s refusal to take a simple correction knew it was time to put the foot down. She turned around to give him that stern look when she saw something interesting. Nathaniel had been looking at the light through a transparent red plate cover!

That day I learned something interesting: how you see what you see is as a result of what you are looking through.

Do you see that challenge or situation through the eyes of faith rooted in the truth (the word of God) or are you seeing it through your natural eyes rooted in the facts/lies of the devil? The truth which is God’s word is superior to any fact.

The fact says you are sick but the truth says by His (Jesus) stripes you were healed.

The fact says you are poor/broke but the truth says Jesus was made poor that you might be rich
The fact says you are single but the truth says none shall lack their mate.

Whose report would you believe?
Begin to look at that situation through the eyes of faith founded in the truth.

Stand in the truth steadfastly until the fact/lies of the devil give way because the truth always wins when you don’t give up. Today, I decree that that frustrating, embarrassing and bad situation in your life is giving way now as you stand in the truth in Jesus name. Your victory is sure!

We have a Prayer/Counseling Center with dedicated staff who would be more than willing to talk and agree with you in prayers for whatever you’re believing God for. Take advantage of this!

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Sarah Okoye

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