The Banquet Table


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We are invited to the banquet table

In one of our recent blog posts, Always Ready, Always Thankful I was reminded that God’s desire is to be in relationship with us. An important part of any relationship is being able express one’s self freely to another. This is also applicable in our relationship with God. It can be too easy for us to forget that our Creator is in constant communication with us, His children. In fact, sometimes we can think that He isn’t speaking to us at all. Even when what we deeply desire to hear His voice.  All we need to do is be willing to read His word, spend time with Him, and listen. The banquet table is set out before us and God invites us to enjoy it with Him.

God’s sheep know His voice

In John 10:4, God reminds us that His sheep know His voice.We know that God is always speaking to us, and He does this mainly through His word. There are times when we question whether we are truly hearing God’s voice, and many times this is because we do not consider ourselves worthy of hearing His voice. As a result, we settle for less than who God has said we are in His word.Bear in mind that God has prepared an incredible banquet table for us. (Isaiah 25:6). This means that He has already invited us to the feast of a life-changing conversation and encounter with Him.

On the other hand, how often can our prayers be a list of things we would like from God? We send up our requests expecting a clear response, either “yes” or “no.” And when we don’t hear what we expect, we get discouraged and despondent with Him. Have you ever thought that maybe there is more to your relationship with God than just a list of things for God to do for you?

Don’t get me wrong here, God loves it when we bring our requests to Him, in fact He instructs us to. He is faithful to respond to all our requests, even if sometimes His response isn’t what we expect. We should never put God’s response to us in a box. Scriptures like, “Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you” in Psalm 55:22, are promises for us to lean on.

Start a conversation

Why not start a conversation with the Creator of everything today? Remember, that you have been adopted into His family, and now have unrestricted access into His presence.

Here are some ideas to get a two-way conversation flowing:

What does Your love look like today?

How do You want to meet with me today?

What aspect of Your character do You want me to focus on?

How do You want me to bless others?

Remember to trust that God is faithful to respond to you. Be encouraged not to settle for a nibble on a cracker when God is offering you an indulgent meal.
We would love to hear your response to this article. Please let us know how God has spoken to you?

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Kate Rothon