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“The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.” – Psalm 16:5 ESV

There is a poem written by Corrie Ten Boom, which is called ‘life is but a weaving’ and it reminds me of this particular part in Psalm 16. The poet speaks about how her life, or her lot, is like a tapestry in God’s hands. She doesn’t see it all at once, only in hindsight, but she knows that God sees, and she can trust Him with that.

There is also this beautiful reliance on God where the poet declares, like David does in Psalm 16:5, that the Lord is her chosen portion. That He is the one who weaves her life together. She cannot choose the colours that get woven into the tapestry of her life but trusts that God ‘weaveth steadily’. She leans on the nourishment and fulfillment God brings, in all circumstances.

There is nothing that we need more than the love and care that the all-knowing God brings. Nothing in the world can fully satisfy and look after our portion or our place in life like our Creator can. He knows how to quench our longing, not just temporarily, but fully satisfying us and preventing us from lacking any good thing.

Do you know that God is good and He is faithful to satisfy your longing in His Son alone? The psalmist, David, doesn’t just say that God holds his lot, or his purpose in the world, but he declares that it is a good thing. He knows that God is good.

“My life is but a weaving

Between my God and me.

I cannot choose the colors

He weaveth steadily.” 

Life is but a weaving’ – Corrie Ten Boom


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Kate Rothon