CBN Brings Clean Water To Agoita Community


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17 years old, Husseina and her best friend Naomi, 16 years, live in a village called Agoita in Kagarko LGA, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The village consists of over 500 people, mostly farmers, but they had no source of clean water.

When we heard about the lack of potable water in their community, the 700 Club sent representatives to evaluate the extent of the problem. And so, the girls kindly agreed to show us where they went to fetch water at least three times every day.

This dirty puddle was the only source of water in the entire community. We literally couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw it! The journey was about 4km (to and fro), and they had to carry these huge basins, filled with dirty water, on their heads, all the way back to their village. After our visit, we immediately went to work, with one mission in mind – to change their story.

Within a short time, and with the help of our generous partners, we started and completed the water well project. The 700 Club Partners have blessed them with a water well, right in the centre of their village. Yes, you did it! Because we couldn’t have done this without you our dear partners, MUN GODE!

Please, don’t just scroll past this. Join us today! Let’s make a significant mark in the lives of people that can never pay us back. There are thousands of rural communities across Nigeria with this same problem.

We invite you to partner with us financially today, let’s bear the burdens of the helpless together. Our partners give any amount they choose monthly (N1000 and above), to support the work of God through our ministry.

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Sarah Okoye

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