TPi Thank You

Thank you for your heart of generosity!

Caring partners like you make it possible to bring the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Jesus to Africa and around the world. The support from loving partners like you is making it possible for TPi to inspire hope with real-life stories of faith and personal triumph for over 20 years.

Extending beyond broadcasting, TPi is part of a ministry, CBN Africa, dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those in Africa.

You’re giving urgent aid to at-risk children, families and individuals by partnering with CBN’s disaster relief, medical missions, and fresh water projects across the continent.

CBN Africa is able to provide life-saving surgeries, clean drinking water and prayer support to more individuals and families because of your generous contribution.

By joining with TPi/CBN Africa, you also help bring the gospel to children by providing opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children through Orphan’s Promise.

Your gifts also support Superbook, an animated TV series produced by CBN and aired across Africa that teaches children about Jesus, biblical truths and life lessons through Bible-based adventures and encourages them to turn their lives over to God.

When you support TPi/CBN Africa, you are providing viewers with a positive and life-changing television show and tangibly helping local communities across Africa.