Treat your beloved children, grandchildren and little humans with this Superbook delight this Christmas! Allow Superbook to teach them the true meaning of Christmas while keeping them entertained and educated on Biblical truths.

This Christmas we’re sharing the joy and beauty of the birth of Christ with this awesome Christmas combo DVD pack! The First Christmas unpacks the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem while The Birth of John the Baptist offers you insight into how God has a plan for each one of us – and it’s South Africa’s first ever Season 3 premier!

Included in this combo pack:

  • The First Christmas and The Birth of John the Baptist DVD combo pack
  • Family Discussion Guides for each episode
  • An exciting Superbook activity!

The First Christmas

Commercial Christmas mayhem is reigning supreme in the Quantum household. After Chris offhandedly remarks that the family nativity scene is just another deception like a reindeer or Santa’s elves, Superbook transports Chris, Joy, and Gizmo back in time to the hills of Bethlehem to witness the birth of Jesus Christ. Get caught up in a frantic search for shelter when baby Jesus is about to be born, and a plot that puts Jesus’ family in terrible danger.

The Birth of John the Baptist

Joy loses her patience while babysitting energetic little Charlie. Superbook takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo, and Charlie to meet Elizabeth and Zechariah, who learn they will have a baby in their old age. Our heroes deduce from past adventures that Elizabeth’s unborn baby will grow up to be John the Baptizer. They also learn that God has amazing plans for each of us, and every child can grow up to be someone special.